Called to Serve

Meet Becca

Soon to be known as, “Sister” for the next 18 months

Becca will be speaking Spanish and teaching the Gospel to the wonderful people in Virginia!

When Becca first asked me a few days ago to take some missionary pictures for her, I jokingly (although she didn’t know me well enough yet to know I was joking) suggested some very serious pictures resting her chin on her hand and gazing contemplatively into the distance…

After she finally discovered my sarcasm we had a good laugh and I promised her that these missionary pictures would defy the cheesy stereotype we often see…

So we worked hard on showing some good personality.

Becca is excited to serve 🙂

We thought putting Becca’s gymnast skills to work would be an enthusiastic way to announce her mission to the world! This shot took about ten attempts, but then finally we BOTH nailed it!

Good luck Becca!  You’ll be an amazing missionary and a great blessing to the people in VA!  Wahoo!

avatarBrooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She is a proud new mother to a perfect baby boy. During the day she uses her BM and MM in Music Composition to write silly songs to make small people smile and laugh. During the nights and select mornings Brooke teaches private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah. During the weekend she dreams up crazy and fun photo shoots for her fabulous subjects. Brooke welcomes comments, questions, new friendships, new clients, and new coats and hats for her growing collection.

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  1. Wow…those are the best missionary pictures I’ve ever seen! I especially love the leap one! I have a secret dream of getting a picture of a leaping silouhette picture with a pretty sunset or something in the background. We might have to make that happen someday. 🙂

  2. Brooke and Becca, you defy gravity!!! I loved the shots and am only sorry we won’t be around to welcoem Becca to VA! Love you both!

  3. LOVE these! Our little Becca is all growed up! What a cutie. And what a beautiful leap! Nice work, both of you!

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