Book Review: The Art of Non-Conformity

I know the old fashioned caution, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

But honestly, that is exactly what I did with this one.

One day while searching on amazon for a book for Ben titled, The Art of Deception, The Art of Non-Conformitycame up in amazon’s suggested reads based off my search.  I immediately put it in my amazon cart without even reading a basic summary or any reviews.  I just knew that anything titled The Art of Non-Conformity was calling my name loudly! (What do our book titles tell you about our family?!?!)

Thankfully, this book didn’t disappoint.

In fact, it was the type of read that I found myself with highlighter in hand shouting out loud, “Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!” in nearly every paragraph.

It was the book, that actually introduced me to author, Chris Guillebeau who authors the blog of the same name.  (One of my top ten favorite blogs ever…it’s just as good as his book and if I could highlight all over the computer as I read his blog posts I would!)

Target Audience:

All entrepreneurs and anyone with even the slightest desire to be an individual 🙂 I made my mom read it on a car trip and she loved it. Such a fabulous stimulus for some great conversation!

My Favorite Takeaway:

It was this book that first introduced me to the concept of Scarcity vs. Abundance.  The idea that making decisions and changing our thoughts to be “abundant” and giving, is the only way to truly grow.  Too often our instinct is a survival of the fittest mentality that cautions us to protect our ideas, guard our business, and competitively believe that there is a shortage of work and we must fight for what is available.  In some ways I had already been trying to practice an “abundance” mentality in parts of my business and this illuminated me to know WHY it was working.  But really, this incredible idea was only a sliver of the great content and ideas available in the book!


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