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1.  UTILIZING ALL YOUR TALENTS.  I am a firm believer that what makes us unique in our art or business is not just the medium. It is the combination of all the talents that we have working together to make something unique.  You really don’t have to be a master of your field, as much as you need to learn how to harness all your strengths in one place. Chris says, “you can be average or even mediocre in many ways as long as you craft everything together in a way that gives other people something to care about.”.  Read the whole post HERE, it’s awesome.

2.  INSPIRATION: The Urgency of Treating Life As Art.    Oh my goodness. What an incredible way to look at your life and responsibilities, through the crafters eye of an artist.  Fabulous read.

3.  FINDING YOUR VOICE.  I especially loved how Spencer points out that to find your voice you must care about your subject. Not just the medium.  I will never find my voice as a wedding photographer if I really hate weddings.  That’s one reason that I have loved my Family Life Project so much, because I love my subjects!  I have found a new side of myself through the experience and think there is a true connection in what Spencer is saying.

4.  STOP WAITING TO BE PICKED.  Fantastic post on one of my core values. No one is going to pick you. You must pick yourself and just start creating and producing. Do the work and the work will follow.

5.  THE POWER OF VIDEO.  I loved this clip on the power of using video in your business. The stats are staggering.  From my small video experience on my own blog, I can tell you that video has been the single most important medium for growing my business.  No question.  Can you find a way to use video more in your business?

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