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1. ACHIEVING NATURAL EXPRESSIONS: This post by my fabulous friend Jessica was a breath of fresh air. I’m really studying the art of authenticity in my work right now and she gives some fabulous behind the scene examples of how to achieve that in a variety of settings.

2. KEEPING PHOTOGRAPHY AS A HOBBY…NOT A BUSINESS. I’m so glad someone is blogging about this topic! There is a lot I could say about this issue. Since opting to take 2011 as a Sabbatical from portrait work I have made some amazing discoveries about myself, photography, and photography business. I shouldn’t really be all that surprised to learn that once I removed myself from everything I found that I really don’t enjoy having a photography business, and absolutely love the enjoyment that comes in photographing my life, family, and friends for pleasure. I’m still drawing conclusions from the time away, and am certainly grateful for my experiences in the past and where they have led me, but indeed I am learning that there is a time and a season for everything. And most of all, you can certainly have “professional” quality images without having photography be a “professional” role in your life.

3. PHOTOGRAPHER WISE WORDS: Loved this interview with Amy Wentzel. A favorite quote, “I remember when it really clicked for me that I needed to be uniquely myself and not imitate anyone else’s style. It really set me free and empowered me because I realized that I no longer had to be intimidated if I couldn’t do what someone else could do. I just had to be the best version of Amy and people would jive with the authenticity in that!” Some wise words there, my friends.

4. THE VALUE OF AUTHENTIC IMAGERY: I recently discovered this amazing session by photographer, Dan O’Day. It was extremely moving for me. Not only does it show the value in personal projects, and documenting real life, it makes me look at photography completely differently. So often we are bombarded with “eye candy” images. The perfection of beauty, the surface level appeal to life. Did you ever stop to think about what “eye candy” indicates? To me its just a sweetness that is momentary, doesn’t last, and most certainly doesn’t nourish. Think about that as you look at these images, and ask me if you feel nourished afterwards. I think there is a profound lesson to be learned there. I’ll let you decide what that lesson should be.

5. IMAGE INSPIRATION: This post of classic children images was absolutely delightful and refreshing. Despite the stylized difference between today and yesterday, I think we can gain a fresh new perspective by being retrospective!

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