Best Of

1.  INSPIRATIONAL  Loved the Back to Basics and Set Your Course By the Stars posts on Making things Happen.  We can’t afford NOT to simplify our life and take control.  Great things can happen!

2.  SELF TRIUMPH  Seth’s post on The Heckler gives wonderful advice on how to get rid of the censor in our lives that keeps us from progressing.  Heaven knows we all need to deal with this better.

3.  PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS: 5 Tips to Success

4.  INSPIRATIONAL: How To Do The Right Thing.  How often do we give into the pressure of others opinions?  Regardless of what other people think is best sometimes, we can know in our gut what we should really do.

5.  DIY PROJECT FOR PHOTOS:  Loved this post on the creative mama blog for a fun creative way to use your pictures.  I am such an advocate of printing and displaying your family photos in your home.  I counted up a few days ago and have over 200 photos in my house on display (it helps when most of those are 4x6s!).  This is a great way to make it happen!






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