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1.  INSPIRATIONAL: The Power of Delight post by Jonathan Fields has my mind spinning this morning on both a business and personal level.  He calls attention to the relationships in our life (again, business or personal) that we court along in the beginning and once we’ve established a relationship how easy it is to forget that we need to keep a ‘courting 🙂 So good.

2.  THE REWARD FOR CONFORMITY.  This post is a gold mine of some of the best content on Chris’s blog (pretty much one of my top ten favorite blogs ever!).

3.  ADD SOME LOVING ADVENTURE TO YOUR DAY: Have you heard of Davina’s Love 15 project?  I’m well over a month into the subscription and LOVE it. I need it. I struggle with being fun and creative and loving and spontaneous and adventurous (oh man those words sound so fun and I so wish that they actually described me!!)  But Love 15 has helped me begin to slowly change that.  You’ve heard the adage, “where there’s a will there’s a way?”  Well, Love 15 for me is more like “Where there’s a way, there’s a will.”  I get specific ideas of ways I can improve my family life adventure. If I know what to do, its easier to find the will to do. For that it is priceless.

4.  MAKE BLOGGING SENSATIONAL.   Sarah’s post on why you should schedule your blog posts is delightful. I blog on Thursdays for the entire week and have for months. Its changed everything for me and upped the quality of what I publish.  Another must read is Sarah’s series on content strategy.  Part 1  and  Part 2 . I read this last year and it was like a marvelous revelation of how to even approach this whole blogging thing.  I would have never considered making my blog like a magazine and figuring out what all the columns or features would be like and how it would tie all together. This concept has made a remarkable difference in what I write and made the process of blogging something that is actually my favorite part of business–when it used to be something that just left me feeling behind and uninspired.

5.  POSING MISTAKES.  Great tutorial on what “not” to do!  You’ll learn just as much about what you “should do” by this well crafted approach!

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