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Some wonderful insights found this week:

1.  PERSPECTIVE: Your Photography Business is Not About You.  I really enjoyed this article’s emphasis on serving others.  It reminds me of the moment I heard David Jay say, “If you make your business about helping others, you’ll always have plenty of work.” Those words changed my entire world and most certainly my business.

2.  COURAGE: Making Things Happen.  Pursuing big ideas and personal dreams takes a huge amount of courage.  Loved this small post to put it all in perspective.

3. CREATIVITY: Staying Creative.  It seems to me that creativity is something that is vital to our happiness in life, and as such, is also one of the most vulnerable targets.  Creativity truly requires a whole lot of protection and upkeep.  I love any ideas for how to make that happen.

4.  INSPIRATION: This Too Shall Pass. I loved this post by Ashley.  Aside from the great creativity of her featured project, I’m more drawn to her interpretation of the beloved phrase.  Such great perspective to keep in mind each day.

5.  INSPIRATION.  I needed this video today.  I’m probably like many others, who can easily get caught up in the rough and tumble of busy life.  We really must learn to slow down and pay attention to the things that matter most.

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