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1.  SELF CHECK.  This post is short and sweet, but I loved the concept.  Make sure that what you’re doing is best for you and not just who taught you.  I’m particularly sensitive to this issue as a teacher.  I hope my students will take whats best for them and adapt to their own needs.  This method is always the most effective.

2.  MOTIVATION:  How to put off making decisions about your life.  Awesome post.  You’ll catch the satire pretty quick, but I couldn’t agree more with everything Chris has to say.  I think if we were to meet in real life we could be “non-conformist bff’s”.

3.  INSPIRATION: A Paradox of Expectations.  I’ve spent my entire lifetime trying to figure out expectations.  Seth makes it blunt and simply and highly effective if truly implemented.

4.  FINDING YOUR STYLE:  Go check out the post that I wrote for Fuel Your Photography!  I had my own revelation while writing it that has completely changed the way I look at finding my personal voice in any artistic endeavor.  Let me know what you think!

5.  CREATIVITY: Scheduling Spontaneity.  I have some exciting projects going on right now that could easily overtake my life and creativity. One thing I have learned so far, is that I am the most open, creative, and productive in my work when I am making time for play. I have never lived my life that way.  I am a workaholic! But thanks to the Artists Way and listening to that inner voice inside myself, I’ve been scheduling weekly (and daily) moments of freedom.  Someday I’ll do an entire post on the topic, but for now I’ll leave you with my personal one line testimonial, “Its changed everything”.

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