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1.  COLLABORATION.  Like Tara, I’ve never really liked collaboration.  Group projects at school?!  Heavens!  What if someone else didn’t pull through on their part?!  I’m a one woman show for a reason!  But alas, this article (and fascinating video!) elaborate on the strength that can come in numbers.  I have opened myself up to collaboration with other photographers for projects coming in 2012 and already can very humbly see that the old adage is true… “two heads are better than one”.

2.  THE DECISIVE MOMENT. I’m totally humbled and honored that Elizabeth would even mention me on her post.  And a post about “The Decisive Moment” of all things!  Practically one of my favorite topics in photography!  But alas, her post wonderfully portrays the way that we can seek for the decisive moment in our work.  Her ideas to remember to breath and practice restraint are so valuable.  I really think that is when the magic happens, and its this incredible place where it seems that the photographer can actually co-exist with making art and being in the moment at the same time.  It takes effort to make that happen.

3.  USING NATURAL LIGHT:  A fabulous Jasmine Star post on how she uses natural reflectors of light in her environment to light her subjects.  I LOVE natural reflectors.

4.  INSPIRATION: I have heard this poem before, but was grateful to be inspired again. Thanks to Sarah for sharing!  We really are capable of so much more than we realize!

5.  NEVER SAVE IT FOR LATER.  This post resonated with me so much.  I have always been one to “save things for later”.  My mom always teases me that I constantly had a box of beautiful crayons as a kid because I would put off using them so I wouldn’t lose the sharp tips! I can make Swiss chocolate last all year long since I save it for a special occasion, and like Chris mentions, I have many ideas that I put off for later so all the stars can align.  He’s right. Don’t put it off. “The fun thing about creativity: the more you use it the more you get!”  

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