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1.   INSPIRATION:  Moving Past Jealousy.  I loved this post by my dear friend, Amber.  Jealousy is a completely natural feeling to most of us 🙂  After reading this post, I’m completely inspired by how incredible our world could be if we truly used jealousy as a map in our life!  Think of all we could accomplish if we heeded the nudges for change that jealousy can reveal and actually come out on top instead of sulking at our lack.

2.  GOING PRO: What Professional Photo Blog Theme is Best?  What a great resource article for those looking to present their photos with a more professional impression.  Sometimes it surprises me how much just the presentation of a blog can actually improve the “perceived quality” of an image.  May I give a little shout out for using wordpress as your platform?  I think it is light years more user friendly and photo friendly than blogger or other blogging platforms.  And yes, this site is built on wordpress 🙂

3.  BRANDING:  Branding: the buzzword that is misunderstood.  What a great realistic take on branding!  To be totally upfront, I used to think a brand was all about my logo and design (just like the article warns).  It wasn’t until after working with Sarah J. Bray designing this site that I finally figured out the depth of branding.  Her team spent time interviewing me, asking probing questions about my values, my mission, my ideal client, my hopes and dreams, what my message is, and then we spent weeks brainstorming over those concepts and how they not only related to the site design and text copy you see here, but future products/opportunities, and goals.  It was one of the most amazing clarifying experiences.  One thing is for sure, if you are clear on what you are about, you’re much more likely to be clear in how you are communicating that to the world.

4.  CREATIVITY.  I just love Maryanne and her epic adventures in taking self portraits.  This post was particular exciting.  I love how she involved her son in the process.  How can we involve our kids in our work in a way that is exciting for them?

5.  BACKLIGHTING.  Have you caught Elizabeth’s Halford’s series on backlighting?!  Its my favorite technic in the world for using light (and the #1 secret for getting great shots any time of day in any location).  I had some fun contributing a few of my own thoughts on the subject!  PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, and PART 4.

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  1. Thanks for the link up! I really need to get that Artist’s Way book. Can’t believe I bought it at Goodwill then resold on Amazon without even glancing at it. Going garage saleing now. If I can buy and resell enough books I’ll have to use my profits to get that and a few other titles on your book list!

    1. Maryanne!!! You need to get that book right now! You resold it without even glancing?!?!?! Thank heavens for second chances 🙂 I promise you you’ll love it!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful links! Every time I stop in to check out what’s new on your blog, I *always* find something that I’ve been needing to hear (and this time, it was the article on jealousy – I’m going to have to pick up a copy of the Artist’s Way book, I think).

    1. Oh Noelle… the Artists Way book is a life changer… Get it! Read it! And then tell me how much you loved it 🙂

  3. On metering, do you just leave your camera in partial or spot the entire time? Or is something you have to go back and forth for different lighting situations? Thanks

    1. I leave my meter mode on spot all the time. But truthfully, I’m a chimper. I judge a lot by the back of the LCD screen and adjust my meter according to what I see. Most often I’m on the positive side of the meter reading since I tend to prefer brighter images.

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