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My favorite finds this week!


1.  FACEBOOK ETIQUETTE!  Yep!  Someone finally wrote what the unspoken rules should be!  Kudos to Elizabeth for voicing a professional opinion that can save us all from making fools of ourselves.  Now I wish she’d write on facebook etiquette for non business owners too 🙂  Or how about cell phone etiquette? Or driving etiquette?  I may have a few bees in my bonnet 🙂

2.  TECHNICAL: Ten tips to improve Lightroom’s speed and performance.   You know who you are if you need this!  Nothing like editing photos on a slow computer 🙂

3.  INSPIRATIONAL: This Time It’s Different.  Ever pull out the excuse that you’ll give something a try later? That things are going to change and be different next time?  Chris has such an incredible perspective on both the harm in our conditioned thinking, but also the progress that can happen when we take a different approach to an old habit.

4. FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Are you doing the work you love? Like really truly? I loved this post on the Making Things Happen blog and relate whole heartedly. It took a lot for me to realize that it wasn’t just photography that I loved… and that the equation for my personal joy is not just a camera and subjects. Getting picky enough to only pursue the things that truly bring me joy was scary. No more portrait shoots? No more weddings?! How were we going to survive?! Amazingly, I’m living proof, here to tell you that when you really pursue your heart the Universe opens doors of opportunity in your path. And you get to be happy doing what you love! Pretty amazing. And totally scary. But worth risking the fear in its pursuit!

5.  CREATIVE PEP-TALK.  Love this video by Ira Glass, and can’t remember if I’ve already shared it here or not.  I came across it recently again, and don’t believe you can see it too many times.  Please enjoy and listen to the sparks in your heart about your own creative potential.  You can do it! 🙂

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