Best Affordable Camera Gear Under $50.00

Photography is an expensive hobby. Most additions of gear, software or education are in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So when you find gear that is affordable yet makes a remarkable difference in your experience, it’s worth sharing about. Below are two items I recently purchased for under $50 that have transformed my photographing experience.

BlackRapid RS10SC-1AO Metro Camera Strap $39.95

It’s a camera strap. Big deal right? Holy Smokes! This is no ordinary camera strap! It’s one of those things that makes me say, “Where have you been all my life? I should have bought you eight years ago!”

I am constantly frustrated with the regular neck straps that come with the camera because they always get in front of my lens. (I don’t usually shoot wearing the strap around my neck.) I also love to wear things cross body and neck straps don’t allow for that in a comfortable way.

The Black Rapid strap is worn cross body and attaches on the bottom of the camera rather than the sides, so I never have a strap in the way, and I can wear this and shoot at the same time. It hangs at my hip until I need it and then I can instantly zip it to my face to look for the viewfinder. In the first five seconds of wearing it I swore to buy another one for my second camera. It’s amazing, and totally lives up to the hype. Best $40 I’ve spent on camera equipment in a long time.

2. Timbuk2 Camera Insert Extra Small $21.75


I cant count the number of times that I have looked at fancy camera purse bags and almost purchased…
I also can’t count the number of times that I have wanted to bring my camera on family outings but wanted to just stuff the camera safely into my regular bag.

The Timbuk2 Camera insert perfectly holds my camera with room still for an additional lens. It has a handle I can use to quickly grab and go, and I put it in my regular bag I use when out and about with my family. It’s water proof, zips shut, and is small enough that I can still fit other regular items in my purse. So handy. When we go hiking I just throw this in our pack. It saves me bringing a second bag just for the camera while still keeping it protected. I purchased the extra small–which was still enough room for my Nikon D700 with lens attached AND an additional lens.


What are your favorite affordable photography gear items that you love?

biopic2 Brooke Snow is the Professional Photographer for her own family and an Abundant Life Practitioner. She loves tree swings, the month of May, and early morning walks. She lives with her husband and adventurous son in Northern Utah.  Join her FREE Photo Perspective Photography course for great instruction on easy ways to immediately improve your photos.

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  1. Been looking for both those items. i did purchase an inexpensive longer camera strap when I became bogged down in too many expensive options not available in real life. Sometimes on-line shopping falls short. Also, the bag sounds great! I’ve just been carrying my camera in my purse to avoid another bag, but it’s obviously not the best solution. I really like that it’s waterproof.

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