If you haven’t heard of the Beloved Movement, I’m delighted to be the first to share!

I’ve been a long time fan of Jesh De Rox, and the moment I heard he was teaching an online course for photographers on his incredible method of shooting (which he has named “Beloved”), I signed up immediately.

Jesh explains Beloved in his own words HERE.

In short, Beloved is a celebration of relationship that stirs the senses and the heart.

It is a method of interaction with your subjects that helps to create a meaningful experience and environment. This environment helps people naturally share the most beautiful emotions and expressions as they react to questions, games, prompts and invitations issued by the photographer.

Beloved confirms my hearts deepest desire to capture authenticity.  The experiences that I have had thus far have dramatically altered my view of photography, life, my marriage, and have most certainly changed the way I approach photography forever.

Does that sound like a dramatic testimonial?

Well, its true.  And I actually feel I’m still holding back on everything I’d like to say about it, simply because there aren’t any words to give it justice.  Maybe I should write a Beloved symphony or something to better express the power it really has?

The following images are of two amazing people.  Leigh Ann and Reid have been married over twenty years.  I hope you can feel the love of their relationship through the images.

Image #1 is the “before” image.

Here we have two incredible beautiful people who are posed well, dressed well and the photograph is exposed well.  The expressions they have are the typical camera smiles a photographer will get when asking people to “look at the camera and smile.”

We all have a camera smile.  Promise.  

And I can spot it a mile away now.  

Now watch what happens to all the following images using Beloved invites.  What an amazing difference.

This next image is one of my absolute favorites.

One thing that strikes me profoundly in the Beloved movement, is how important the marriage relationship is–yet we never seem to photograph it after the couple is married.  We get family pictures, but rarely take the time to focus on the couple till the Golden Anniversary rolls around.

We need to celebrate the marriage relationship everyday.

Having an experience like Beloved–and then having pictures of that experience to remind each other how close you felt in that moment for the other person–can be an incredible influence for good.

A deep hearted thanks to Leigh Ann and Reid for sharing this experience with me.

Some of you know that I have taken a Sabbatical for 2011 in my portrait business.  When I discovered Beloved back in April, I knew immediately that this would be the focus of my time off.

I was scared to death for my first session and admit that everything about Beloved takes practice, humility, trust,  and preparation.  But what an incredible experience its turning out to be.


Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  Every time she does a Beloved shoot she comes home more in love with her fabulous husband.  What a great side effect!  The only downside of Beloved photography is that going back to the old manner of shooting feels very superficial and fake.  Brooke is searching for ways to incorporate Beloved into every kind of shoot.  So far, so good. The results speak for themselves.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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