The $100 Startup + GIVEAWAY

This fabulous amazon bestseller
book has been delivered to my doorstep on three separate occasions this month and I finally finished the last page last night.  Truly an incredible resource for any starting entrepreneur and even those already settled into business will find several new and refining ideas to tweak and refine what you have already started.

Chris is one of my favorite writers and thinkers. I link to his blog often, I devoured his first book with passion, and this one holds to all my expectations.

What makes this book unique?

Chris is a mastermind at being an unconventional entrepreneur. He could have easily written this book from his own experience, but instead he chose to conduct a massive study of other successful entrepreneurs.  His book research started with 1500 case studies and the book itself highlights his top 50 picks that cleverly illustrate the what, how and why behind successful start-up microbusinesses.


I know. Now this book review suddenly became highly biased.  And now you know why I’ve had complimentary copies showing up on my doorstep! But aside from my own baffled delight that “little old me” was able to contribute to the content, this truly is an invaluable resource, especially in today’s economy.

There are so many varied and simple examples of ways that people have managed to marry a passion into a business that serves people, that I couldn’t help but think of

1.   Many new angles on my own existing business

and ironically,

2.  Ideas for all the people in my family either un-employed, underpaid, or simply too talented to not do something about it.  (Note to my family: I’ll let you ask me yourself what your own great business idea I crafted for you was!)

In short, you can’t read this book without being inspired to action and without seeing business possibility in your own talents and passions.

Would you like a copy?

To celebrate I’m giving away 2 copies of this book to 2 of my readers! To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment telling me what passion/hobby/or interest you’d love to create a business around and why!  



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