Winners of the $100 Startup Giveaway!

I’m inspired by all the incredible ideas from those who left comments on THIS POST.  It’s absolutely fascinating to see the specific talents you each have and your concept for finding the convergence between your passion and how to serve others with that passion in a business.

As an exciting update, I recently got this email from Chris (author of The $100 Startup). Chris says,

“…We’ve now sold more than 30,000 copies during the first three weeks. The book debuted on the New York Times bestseller list last week and rose to #6 this week. We’re also #3 on both the Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists. More importantly, LOTS of people are getting excited about their own pursuit of freedom and value.”

Wahoo!  If you’re itching to find some great direction on turning your passion into a business, this is an invaluable resource! Here’s a great video trailer of some of the people featured in the book.

So, without further adieu, the two winners of a complimentary copy of $100 Startup are:

1.  Lisa Noritsky  “In addition to photography, I teach drama classes for children (ages 3 – 12) in order to develop imagination, creativity and the self confidence to express themselves. I am an avid reader and would love to read this book and add it to my collection. I am actively seeking ideas and inspiration to build my businesses to not only serve the community but also help sustain and provide for my family doing something for which I am extremely passionate.”

 2.  Holly  “I would love to sell organic vegetables and raise organic beef someday. We are working on it, little by little. We also have four sons who are ‘entrepreneurial minded’ at ages 12, 10, 6 and 4 . . . each one of them already has their own ‘business’ and it’s wonderful. So, whether we win the book or buy the book it will be a huge blessing to all of us. Have a lovely day!”

Congratulations you two!  Send me an email with your address information and I’ll send you a complimentary copy!

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