Weeks Top Review

Thanks to all the incredible comments on this weeks posts!  I learned a ton from everyone, and have had some of my own “aha” moments, particularly about blogging.  Thus my #1 entry for todays Weeks Top Review.

1.  BLOGGING Name Your Box by Sarah J Bray.  I had never ever considered the idea of making your blog like a magazine (the name the box analogy) and structuring your content to match what you have decided your magazine content is about!  What a great perception for giving the blogger some guidelines and direction (after of course you determine who your audience is).  I think that appropriately sums up this weeks debate on personal vs. business as well.  Personal posts can most certainly be a facet, but a successful business blog will have some structure, direction, and purpose in all content that is presented.  Personal posts would therefore be structured to meet those same goals and direction.

2.  AUTHENTICITY  Faking It. Frank is a graphic designer that I just discovered.  Loved his post on authenticity in art and perceptions that viewers have in wanting to find the easy way.

3. CREATIVITY  ART IS WHAT WE CALL… by Seth Godin.  short and simple and fabulous.

4.  PHOTOGRAPHY:  What separates the great photographers from the good ones? All I can say is, yes. yes. and yes.

5.  PERCEPTION This Video is a 14 minute speech given by a graphic designer Frank Chimero.  I actually was quite enthralled with his concepts, particularly the  following thoughts

noticing is discovering the invisible amazing.

noticing is being a tourist in your own life

we have what we need. no more. no less.

I’d almost vinyl the entire thing on my wall.  Right in line with my current search for authenticity in art.

Any thoughts you’d share on these great reads?

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