Weeks Top Review

Some fabulous finds this week that I loved!  Hope you enjoy!

1.  PHOTO MANAGEMENT: Why You’re Safe with Smugmug.  If you’ve read this blog for very long or taken my classes you know that I am a HUGE fan of smugmug for any photography: pro or hobbiest.  One more reason why I think they’re so great!

2.  SELF IMPROVEMENT/SUCCESS:  Humility, Three Lessons, and a Birthday I love Chris’s book and his blog.  I have learned so much from both.  And yet, despite his huge following, its nice to know that even the rockstars have moments of feeling small.  Great lesson.  Oh yes, and while you’re at it, definitely check the other post he has on Accomplishing Everything.

3.  CREATIVITY: How to Tap into your Creative Mojo I agree with it all except for blog stalking.  Are you surprised after my post this week?!  I’m gearing up for a post on how I have found a proper balance for blog following… some things require some guidelines 🙂

4.  BUSINESS/BRANDING:  The Business of Branding: Looking for Inspiration Excellent guide for those looking to tighten up their branding.  I did something extremely similar for my designer when I did a rebranding in 2009.

5.  PRODUCTIVITY/INSPIRATION:  Could it be a Weeks Top Review without something from Seth Godin?  I loved Seth’s post on Space Matters. An oft overlooked detail that yields wide results.  I am a high producing creative when my space is clean, or I’m in an environment that adds to a feeling of peace and inspiration.

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