Weeks Top Review

My favorite posts of the week!  I hope you enjoy as much as me 🙂

1.  PHOTOGRAPHY PHILOSOPHY:  Adding Emotion and Feeling to Your Photographs.

2.  CREATIVITY: 7 Steps to Becoming a More Creative Photographer

3.  TECHNICAL:  High ISO Good, Bad, Or Does it Depend? by Me Ra Koh.  I get asked this question a lot and she explains it in a beautiful way… as all things she teaches.

4.  WORKFLOW:  Using Export Actions in Adobe Lightroom from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

Excellent Lightroom Tutorial on a super top secret amazing trick I never knew existed!  My life is more efficient now.  And that makes me happy.

5.  INSPIRATION:  Inspiring Photography Video produced by Pictage. Its incredible the impact that photographers can have on others… and even more incredible the impact our subjects can have on us when we use photography to serve.

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  1. Brooke! I’m totally loving your new blog series!

    I think your #1 and #2 links are the same? I clicked a few times thinking it was probably just me! And it seems they are! =(

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