Weeks Top Review

My favorite posts of the week!

1.  CREATIVITY:  Forest World by Matt Clayton.  Even more than the pictures (which are great btw), I’m always impressed with photo sessions that take inspiration from outside the photography industry.  Matt says, “Inspiration for this shoot?  I had come across a photograph of a childrens birthday party from the 1950’s. Plus Cinco de Mayo was on my mind. So, there you go.”

2. TECHNICAL: Pondering Lightroom vs. Photoshop Excellent demo between some of the results of the two programs.  My take?  I’m still more than happy with Lightroom and honestly think clients will never know the difference, but thats a post all its own.

3.  BUSINESS: The Customer Experience Excellent points.  I always have room to review if I am exceeding expectations or just meeting them.  (or gasp, failing to meet them…) but I particularly liked how Moriah points out that meeting expectations = Mediocrity.  Wow.  and Ouch.  The only way to excel is through exceeding the expectations.  Definitely something to think about.

4.  BRANDING:  Do You Have Style Integrity? Knowing your true personal style (and not just copying trend)  is often hard enough to figure out, but once we do, are we consistent with it?  Great points to consider here.

5.  SELF-AWARENESS:  Why Do You Do This Everyday? Huge fan of Chris.  And a great question to ask ourselves no matter where we are or what we do.

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