Weeks Top Review

Loved these finds this week!  Hope you do as well!


1.  POSING: Jasmine did a great video follow up to her post last week.  Video is an awesome way of communicating, and her advice for posing is fabulous.

2.  RENTING EQUIPMENT.  Smart Shooting: Making Financial Sense out of Rental Equipment. I’m sure this post is somewhat sponsor based and persuasive to a particular company BUT… the reasons to rent gear are totally noteworthy.  I always suggest renting those expensive lenses or camera bodies first to get a feel for things before spending thousands of dollars.  We don’t need it all, and sometimes we aren’t actually going to use it all that often either to justify a full on purchase.  Renting for those occasional moments will often be a better financial choice…(like my 70-200mm 2.8 that is my most expensive lens that rarely gets touched in my style of shooting…).

3.  PERSONAL MOTIVATION:  Meaningless Dreams. I really like how Jonathan depicts the need to follow our own passions that may not have much purpose or “change the world” priority status. Doing things for ourselves and no other reason than that can ironically be pretty necessary to our personal happiness… like my meaningless dream to someday  summit the Grand Teton.  It means nothing to anyone else, it doesn’t change the world, but it may just change mine 🙂

4.  LIFE ADVICE:  An Important Thing No One Will Tell You. Loved this post by Chris.  He points out when “advice” from others is necessary and when it isn’t by separating vision from details.  Truly worth a pondering read.

5.  FEAR: The Gift of Fear. Dane Sanders thought provoking short post on fear makes me realize a proper perspective for a few things happening right now in my life, or as Dane says, “What if fear was a sign that opportunity was knocking?”   Good thoughts.

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