Weeks Top Review

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Here’s my weeks favorite posts I’ve come across.  Enjoy!

1.  Advanced Tips for Tack Sharp Images

2.  Annual Review:  The Beginning Just bought Chris’s book and have been captivated.  This blog post details a super great December tradition of reviewing the year and looking for “what went right” and “what went wrong”.

3.  Post-It Extremely creative session.  I might just have to figure out something like this for myself sometime.

4.  Time Need some time management help?  Great tips!

5.  Raining over anxiety with Gratitude Perfect time of year for this post.  I just love Jessica and her article totally hit home for me.

And a quick motivational video I found.  Short, profound, and absolutely fantastic.

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  1. Love this review that you are doing…lots of great stuff. Can’t wait to read it all. A few weeks ago I started doing a Gratitude list in the morning along with my minutes. I also have a notebook in my bedside stand because I used to write my list at night. Such a great thing to start doing again…because really we all have so much to be grateful for…its just that sometimes we forget to notice. What a difference it makes when our focus and thoughts change.

  2. Thats a great idea Yvonne! I need a little bedside notebook 🙂 I don’t do much by hand anymore (the reason I have 15 blogs :), but that would be one that would be worth going old school on! I’m going to implement your idea! Thanks for sharing!

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