Weeks Top Review

Fabulous reads and finds ūüôā

1.  PHOTO BUSINESS:  The Secret to Creating a Successful Photography Business.  The tips are honest.  And spot on.

2. ¬†PERSONAL MOTIVATION. ¬†Seth Godin’s post “On the Day Everyone is Pleased” can truly be posted here in its entirety. ¬†He says,

“On that day, the day that everyone notices your work, approves and lets you know, then what will happen?

We spend an incredible amount of time and psychic energy planning and working for that day, but why? It will never arrive, and even if it does, it’s not clear that anything special happens.

Perhaps the approval of every person in the entire world doesn’t need to be the goal of your work.”

Great thought. ¬†Analyzing our motivations behind what we do and judging the reality can be a really good thing. ¬† I have wasted plenty of energy in my life waiting for this to happen, waiting for certain people to finally acknowledge that I have a real job, waiting to be complimented on the hard work… It aint coming. ¬†Especially from those individuals. ¬†I best move on. ¬†There really is a deeper more meaningful motivation that matters more anyway.

3. ¬†CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. ¬†Loved this post by Max “Cliff Diving”. ¬†His style is so minimalistic, but I love the feeling in these shots.

4. ¬†REALITY CHECK: ¬†David Du Chemin’s post “No Such Thing as Better” was awesome. ¬†I admire this guy so much. ¬†I have learned so much from him, have nearly every book he’s written and its changed my entire perspective and way I photograph. ¬†He suffered a near fatal fall in Italy a month ago, and has written some pretty raw posts while in a major recovery. ¬†This is one of them.

5. ¬†INSPIRATIONAL: ¬†Loved this video by Two Togs in a Pod. Shows how much we can learn from kids ūüôā ¬†They’re smarter than we think and very inspiring!

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  1. Love the thoughts from Seth. Thanks for sharing that little snip it. It made me just stop and ask, “What IS the goal of my work?” I’m off to read the entire article right now. Thanks Brooke. ūüôā

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