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I hope these are helpful for some of you 🙂  I have been so backlogged lately in google reader that the thought of reading even more articles doesn’t seem fun right now, but more work 🙂  Hopefully these picks are a representation of the cream of the crop that is truly worth a quick look 🙂

1.  LIFE PERSPECTIVE: The Road to Oz by Sarah Rhoades.  I loved this article from Sarah.  Its so easy sometimes to get caught up in the destination of where we are trying to head that we often forget to enjoy the journey.  Thanks for the paradigm shift!

2.  PHOTOSHOP HELP:  Get Your Layers and Layer Masks Working Flawlessly

3.  MOVING PHOTOGRAPHY:  I loved this gallery of images of older couples in love by Lauren Fleishman.  There’s something compelling about the seasoned relationship that endures.  With so much exposure to young couples in photography and a constant bombardment of  picture perfect pretty images, I found these especially rewarding and fulfilling to look through.

4.  INSPIRATIONAL: The Only Things That Really Matter Are… by Chase Jarvis.  A quick short read, but fascinating perspective on where we are in this fast paced world.

5.  CREATIVITY:  Kick Up Your Creativity a Notch. Who doesn’t need a reminder of this?  So often we can narrow our focus by being consumed by the technicalities or business of our craft and neglect the overarching keystone of creativity.

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  1. Love #3! My husband bought me Imogen Cunningham’s photo book “After Ninety” All portraits of people 90 and older. All photographed when she herself was in her Nineties! It was incredible! I’ve been giving a lot of thought how to make portraiture enjoyable and meaningful for older generations.

  2. Oh Maryanne! thank you for sharing! I’ll have to look that book up. Your husband seems to find you the most amazing books 🙂 I think by and large people don’t even consider professional portraits after they are either married, or have no children at home any longer. Its a huge untapped group of people who in many ways need to be photographed perhaps more than anyone 🙂

  3. YES! I have a few ideas I want to tap into. But, alas, time… Lets hope I have a long lifespan with time for projects throughout. I was going to test drive some ideas on my grandfather-in- law last weekend whom I love dearly. But with 20 relatives (and all their love and disputes) in town together it was not practical to do individual portraits!

    Two other books we have are by Joyce Tenneson. One is “Amazing Men” and the other is “Wise Women”. I believe the portrait age range included in those books starts at age 60.

  4. Awesome! Thank you so much for the references! I will have to check out those books… as well as look for ways to document my own “wise” people in my life 😉

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