Weeks Top Review

Some great reads I loved this week! Enjoy!


1.  IMAGE DELIGHT:  Loved this newborn session by Ashlee.  I will probably be struck down by lightening for saying this, but newborn photography often looks the same to me. I know how difficult newborn photography is (trust me, I tried with my own newborn and it didn’t go so hot… I don’t have any talent in that area). But when I saw Ashley’s post I wanted to cheer, and ooh and aah.  It seems so natural, real, beautiful, and authentic.  Thats the type of newborn work I wouldn’t get tired of.  I wish more newborn photographers would try to capture the “real” side of things.  Maybe if I take the same approach for our next child it will go better and I’ll like the images more?  Perhaps therein lies the source of my frustration… trying to take pictures in a certain mold or trend by staging things and not succeeding, but just by stepping back and capturing what is actually authentically there lies the real beauty.  Just my thoughts…

2.  PRICING YOUR WORK:  I get asked about this at least once a week.  How about a great article giving their perspective?  In addition, you might want to take a peak at these classic posts as well.

3.  CREATIVITY & ORIGINALITY: How to Steal Like an Artist and 9 Other Things No One Ever Told Me.  Seems to be a theme the past two weeks on my blog, so it was fitting to come across this article by Austin Kleon.  Perfectly stated.  Its long.  And so worth the read.  For any creative soul.

4.  TIME MANAGEMENT: Do you really need more time? Loved this article.  Actually I love all things time management.  I have so little of it these days, that I am slightly obsessed with how to make the most of it.

5.  BEHIND THE SCENES:  I’ve always been a fan of Rodney Smith’s work.  Its impecable.  Its especially delightful to hear his behind the scenes tale of how his shots came to be.  You might truly enjoy this one! And This one.

AND Just for fun: DIY Camera Project. Want a cute camera bag but can’t afford one?  Make your own!  Totally frugally delicious 🙂


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