Unity is Possible!

We just need Jesus to come again.

We just need Him to come and fix it.Imagine my surprise when I listened to podcast in which the speaker took this same statement and said, “If you think Jesus is going to come again and fix it you’re wrong! We have to build Zion first, and then He comes.”

How did I miss that important detail?
This is a vital! There’s an order these events occur!?
I’ve been getting it all wrong!
We have to build Zion first!

“And the Lord called his people Zion because they were of one heart and one mind and there were no poor among them.”

This has to happen first?!
Well this changes everything!

At a youth devotional in 2019, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland stated, “Zion isn’t “where” we live; it’s “how” we live. This responsibility to build Zion is a prophetic mandate, what President Russell M. Nelson calls the “gathering of Israel.”

Friends, when I read that everything clicked for me.  I didn’t know building Zion is the same thing as gathering Israel.  This is what we are being asked to do right now. To let God prevail in our lives.  Can we do this? Can we be of one heart and mind? Gloriously, oneness, doesn’t mean sameness.  We are being asked to be one, which is only possible if Jesus Christ mediates between us.  We let Him prevail in our lives.  We allow Him to be in the midst of us.

Do you know how Websters 1828 dictionary defines the word prevail?

2. To be in force; to have effect; power or influence.

This is the way to build Zion. This is the way to being of one heart and one mind. We invite Christ to be among us, to mediate our differences. One struggling relationship at a time. As we allow God to prevail we build oneness.  We understand one another. We access a higher peace that allows for diversity and variety in all things and sees the beauty it brings.  One heart and one mind does not mean we have to all think and feel the same. Rather we are united through the mediating power of Jesus Christ.

This clarity has been so exciting for me! I want Jesus to Come again soon! I want to live in a world of peace and prosperity. I want to experience Zion!  Surprisingly, when I viewed the division in the world as something Jesus needed to come fix, I actually felt far more helpless.  As soon as I figured out I get to participate in building Zion myself, I have felt rallied to the cause! I can do something about this! Let’s go! I can start first with myself, reconciling myself to God, and then work out from there.  Can I build Zion in my home? I’ll definitely need Christ to mediate.  Can I build Zion in my community? I most definitely need Christ to mediate.

Remember, God doesn’t ask us to be the same, he asks us to be one.

Unity is possible with the great Mediator!

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