Tiny Tip for Better Interaction

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  1. Thank you for this tip. It has driven me crazy trying to interact from behind the camera and I hate using an tripod. I would rather move around and talk:) So, I will practice “peeking” around the camera.

  2. Great tip… what are some great things to get a conversation going? Any tips would help. I seem to freeze and cant talk and shoot at the same time. But I want to make them feel comfortable…

    1. Hi Bridget! I simply take an interest in them and their life. The same type of questions I would ask someone over lunch getting to know them–is what I do when we photograph. Its one long fun conversation for me. People usually love to talk about themselves and all it takes is a few sincerely interested questions about them, their interests, their life, their family, their goals, their dreams, and amazing things begin to happen.

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