The Relationships We Often Overlook in Documenting

“It takes a village to raise a child.” -Proverb

Confession time.

I advocate photographing our daily life experiences, but unfortunately, too often I overlook the people in my daily life–that are not members of my family–as characters in my own life story.

The neighbors, babysitter, teachers, friends, co workers, classmates, coaches, and even our favorite sales clerk we see every week at the local bakery who always remembers our name.

These people shape our life through their big or small interactions. Do we have a photo of them?


Yesterday was the final day we had with our Nanny, Elise. She’s been so fantastic for the last year. She’s been a huge influence in Buzzy’s life–yet I didn’t have any visual proof in our story of the role that she has played!


While photographing the two of them the neighbor kids came over to join in the fun (more characters that I have never documented).


It was an important discovery for me to notice these influential relationships and how I have a tendency to overlook them and only focus on my family–YET IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD.

documenting PINK Tip

Look for the villagers in your life who are making a difference and add them into your story!

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