The Power of Discontent

It all started about six months ago. That feeling of discontent. That growing realization that I wasn’t quite as excited about my work as I used to be and wondering if I was still on the right path.

I’m such a strong believer that our feelings are clues to life happiness. If we’re not happy or experiencing discontent it is a big clue that something needs to change.

Continuing along the path I was on began to feel more and more inauthentic for me, so thus began a soul searching journey to figure out what I really needed to be doing so I could feel purposeful and passionate again.

Should I abandon photography? Should I abandon all the classes that I had worked so hard to create? I tend to be a bit dramatic in my self analysis (I’m either all into something or I’m totally done with it.) But opening my mind to the possibility that there was something more or different that I could contribute to the world began to illuminate my mind.

The most important question that I asked myself during this time, was how can I design my work to be something that contributes to my own personal growth and happiness?

For over four and a half years I have played the role of teaching photography. It has been incredible. I’ve loved it. But I had reached the point that I felt that I was giving and giving and giving and not growing anymore. My interests were broadening. My life challenges were changing. And if I was honest with myself, I had this deep desire to switch tracks a bit.

Photography is a wonderful thing, but there are more important parts of life. And for photography to truly be the most impactful tool that it can be, the person using the camera needs to be open to living life to their best, not just photographing it.

I found the answer to my discontent in December–thanks to lots of journaling, divine inspiration, and some pivotal conversations with friends and mentors. By the end of February I started Nation Building with Sarah Bray to bring to life my new vision. I temporarily quit Facebook, stopped blogging, and went to work.

Last week I quietly launched my new website, launched two new classes (both are free), and unveiled my new message. Things are still new, I’m still finding typo’s, and I could sit here for weeks and wait until every bit of it is perfect, but I can’t keep it to myself any longer!

In case you’re wondering, my photo classes aren’t going away :) In fact, I’m even more excited about my photography courses than I have been in a long time now that they are balanced out by my current Thriving Life course and other “Life” classes that are coming soon.

Discontent is such a valuable feeling. When it first comes it can be a bit disheartening, and if you don’t look for a solution then it can quickly drain your sense of purpose and meaning in what you’re pursuing. But it comes for the most beautiful reason: there’s a better way. There’s something more. There’s something bigger. There’s new possibility and growth that awaits you if you’re open to discovering what it may be.

If you’re experiencing discontent in your life right now, let this be a little spark of hope that it is actually a wonderful gift. Listen to your heart and open your mind to the possibility that there is something incredible just waiting to be discovered by you, that doing things differently or focusing on better things will indeed bring the contentment that you seek.

I hope you’ll come on this exciting new journey with me.

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