The Art of Fulfillment

I recently attended a Tony Robbins event where he taught us about the art of fulfillment. Ultimately this is what we all want. A fulfilling life. A life of meaning and purpose. He suggested two opposing elements necessary to a fulfilling life:

Certainty and Uncertainty.

1. Certainty. On one hand we need certainty. We need to feel safe and secure. We need assurance that things are working out.
2. Uncertainty. On the other we need uncertainty. Uncertainty can include taking risks and acting in faith on something we hope will bring good fruit.

But then Tony offered a new way of interpreting uncertainty I had never considered before.

Where certainty provides sameness, uncertainty provides variety.

Some of us value certainty so much we are willing to live without changing anything. We want the security that sameness brings. At least we know what to expect. Yet, if we are out of balance with too much certainty, we can start to feel discontent. Our spirit starts to nudge us toward a little more uncertainty, a little more variety to our life experience. Why? Because life is meant to include progress. And growth and progress require us to have some new experiences.

I laughed out loud when I heard this, because I can be the person who lives groundhog day over and over. My personality tends towards doing the same thing in the same way. Even in my relationships. Even in recreation and fun, I will default to the same thing. Every Saturday night my husband and I go on a date. We typically go to the exact same restaurant–we even order the exact same food. Sometimes we might really shake things up and order a soup instead of a salad. But mostly, we do the same thing over and over again.

I think both my husband and I would agree that our relationship could benefit from a little more uncertainty. We could change things up! What would happen if we did something different? What if we went rock climbing one week instead? Surely, our conversation would be totally different than the typical. We’d create a new memory instead of reliving the same experience again and again. We’d be learning a new skill. Our body, mind and spirit’s would be learning something new.

This is a mild and light hearted example, but also an easy fix if we feel a little divine discontent in our relationship.

Could we do something in a new way?
Can we change something?
Can we change something really small and in turn experience a big result?

Sometimes in divine discontent we know deep down that something big needs to change and it can be overwhelming or paralyzing. And yet, sustainable growth occurs line upon line. Looking for the small ways we could initiate change can help us build momentum that compounds into the bigger change our soul may be longing for.

What is the small thing that can bring more variety?

Maybe it’s signing up for a class, reaching out to make a new friend, resurrecting an old hobby, booking a therapist, changing a pattern or habit, unplugging from screens, sketching out the steps to create the dream that is always in the back of your mind, having that conversation and vocally expressing what you’re feeling to someone you trust.

It’s interesting to note that divine discontent is important for our progression. It’s purpose is to lead you to even more blessings. But there must be a proper balance. Listen closely…Divine discontent without gratitude for what you already have can turn into discouragement really fast.

There are intentional opposites built into the world to provide harmony and balance. Justice and mercy are a good example. They work together. It is the same for gratitude and divine discontent.

If you only have gratitude and never desire more you stop your progress.
If you only focus on discontent you close off to your current blessings and become discouraged.

However, paired together, these two can support each other in helping you move forward with hope and faith.

Gratitude keeps your heart and mind open to flow inspiration.
Divine discontent keeps you progressing by guiding you toward change. They work together for your good.

Friends, while it may seem strange to talk about divine discontent in the Art of Receiving series, I hope you can see how beautifully it fits. Ultimately, the purpose of divine discontent will always be to guide us to receive something more and become something more. God is abundant. You have so much to grateful for already in your life, AND there is more. There is more in store for you.

Is there any part of your life right now you are experiencing a bit of divine discontent?
Is there any part of your life that could use a little more uncertainty? Some variety?

We are created for eternal progression. Progression comes with new experiences and change.

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