Ten Things That Bought Me Happiness!


They say that money can’t buy happiness.

I disagree.

Money can TOTALLY buy happiness!

Sometimes I suffer from “frugality sickness”… you know, the moments where you just can’t quite bring yourself to spend money on something because

a) You can surely do it yourself for free

b) You’re just not quite sure its going to be worth it for the price?

c) I don’t think I really deserve it or

d) it seems frivolous.

Well, every once in a while I purchase something that brings me such ecstatic joy that I’m moved to declare,

“That was so worth every penny!”

Here’s my most recent list:

Ten Things That Bought Me Happiness!

1. An awesome stroller/bike trailer. It got me outside daily and moving and grooving. It accompanied some of my most inspirational moments for my last two years.

2. I hired a nanny. Just this week. She’s amazing. She only comes for a few hours a day, but I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in the happiness of the entire household. Sometimes everyone just needs a little break from one another. I am actually pleasant at 6 p.m. and have a skip in my step when Ben gets home! Worth every cent!

3. Freshly squeezed lemonade at the farmers market. For years I didn’t purchase any because I thought it was too frivolous and expensive… I mean, they make it front of you and it has three ingredients which cost a fraction of the price to make it yourself… But am I really going to make it at home? No. And if I made it at home, I’m not going to be able to listen to live music, chill with awesome “all natural” folks, look at handmade art, and savor the stillness of summer. The lemonade made all the things I love about the market have a sweet ZING :)

4. We hired out lawn care. Amazing. Our Saturdays the past two months have been free to spend with family and I don’t have to nag someone. My yard always looks nice and I didn’t have to do anything!

5. I purchased BlogStomp. After cursing photoshop out loud for the 1 millionth time for constantly messing up my actions that prep my images for my blog, I caved. I avoided BlogStomp for two years because I thought it was something I should have been able to do myself…but after spending only seconds with this product, I kissed the ground and praised the heavens. Now, you all might actually see more images around these parts!

6. I took Jesh’s online Beloved Class. The class changed my life forever as well as the way I view the world and photography.

7. Every bike I own or have owned. Seriously, biking is like a spiritual experience for me. I’ll never get a cheap bike. Its so worth it to spend more and get more.

8. Adobe Lightroom. It gave me my life back. I spend less than 2 hours editing a session. Thank you Lightroom. Now I can go do more fun things!

9. Chaco shoes. I live in them all year long. They are amazing. They help us enjoy many adventures.

10. A whole list of books that I’ve been reading this year. I’ve spent way too much on books this year, but many of them are changing me for the better. Happiness? ┬áNo doubt.


So… What Buys YOU Happiness? ┬áPlease share!

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She finds the most happiness in her life from her two favorite boys. One is big and the other is little. Other things that bring her happiness include: cheese, all natural vanilla ice cream, freshly brushed teeth, hot showers, the mountains, and swimming in glacier lakes at midnight in the middle of the summer.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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