Some things Take Time and Proper Circumstances to Flourish

I’m currently planting my garden and it’s fascinating to see how every vegetable has different germination times.

The lettuce gets planted and sprouts within five days.
However, the carrots take months.
Each seed is on its own germination clock.

A few years ago we planted all our seeds and watered, but nothing grew. Turns out we didn’t soak the garden enough during that first essential week. It didn’t have the right conditions to be able to grow.

Sometimes in life we think the right conditions for our growth are going to be pleasant conditions.
It’s when the people around us behave the way we want them too.
It’s when we have all the money we need.
It’s when our health is ideal.
It’s when everything finally seems to be working just as it should and THEN we are going to make all the progress we’ve been hoping for.

I kept trying to create the right conditions for me to get into yoga that on the surface were really awesome conditions. It was good ground. There have been times a certification has changed my life. Or inspiring teachers have changed my life. Or having something be more accessible has changed my life. Or doing floors has changed my life. Or having the right environment has changed my life.

And yet, the right conditions for me to grow, just so happened to be when the pressure was at its greatest, and when life was at it’s darkest. The seed within me now finally had the right timing and the right conditions. And oh my goodness, has the growth been amazing.

I have a lot more to share regarding what has happened in this radical life overhaul. But today, I want to leave you with the principle of timing and growing conditions.

Some things take bloom the moment you choose to bring them into your life.
And some things take eleven years.
Most importantly, growth requires the right conditions. But dear creator, those right conditions are often what we least expect or even want. I’m hear to encourage you that something beautiful can and does come on the other side.

Trust the timing and conditions.
Trust the timing and conditions.
Trust the timing and conditions.

See it.
Say it.
Feel it.
Do it.
Become it.

You are a creator, now go Co Create something great.

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