What does a Solo Beloved session look like?

After discovering Beloved for couples and families, I was eager to find out if I could use this technic working with just one person in a session.  Part of what makes Beloved so fascinating with couples and families is the ease in which true authentic emotion surfaces because they have someone else (whom they love and are comfortable with) to interact with. Much of the amazing emotion in those images is a result of the relationships and connections that are already built between them.

That all changes when you only have one person.  In a MAJOR WAY.  The interaction is more between the photographer and the subject.

But I’m happy to report that not only is it possible, but it’s just as much of an incredible experience as the other types of Beloved sessions.  Rewarding on so many levels.

If this type of photography interests you, come join me in my Advanced Pro photography course! We filmed this entire session and it is now one of the live sessions featured in the course!  You’ll get to see the behind the scenes prep and see the interaction between me and Holly that leads to each fabulous shot.

Solo Beloved













Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. Her single most important goal in her photography work is to “see the soul surface” in those she photographs.  She is an idealist, a minimalist, and wishes she were a humorist.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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