Simple Pleasure: Hair Ribbons

image by seda arslan

One of my new favorite Simple Luxuries is ribbon.

Minutes for personal pampering are scarce around these parts and most days my hair is pulled back in a bun or pony tail. Quickly adding a ribbon to cover my hair band adds the most lovely detail of polish and makes me feel pretty (along with a pair of pearl earrings!). Sometimes I tie a bow, a knot, or just simply wrap and tuck the ends.

As Sarah Breathnach says, ““…One of the ways we can start to experience more affluence in our daily lives is through pampering ourselves with affordable luxuries…it transforms a simple pleasure into complete contentment. Affordable luxuries awaken our awareness to the abundance that’s readily available to us once we finally ‘get it.’”

Check out my revelation on Why You Need Luxury HERE. I’m always looking for simple luxury to make daily life rich.

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