Shared Experience Interview with Lindsey Maughan

Living a Thriving Life isn’t an arrival, but a way of living that involves constant nourishment, pruning, grace, and self care.

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Shared Experience Interview with Lindsey Maughan

I’m thrilled to introduce you today to my one and only SISTER! Lindsey is one of the most inspiring individuals that I know. I have often admired her approach to life and knew she would have some amazing things to share. Lindsey has a gift for writing and a sense of humor that makes even the biggest challenges seem lighter and full of possibility. Please help me thank Lindsey for her insight by sharing in the comments below!

1. What is your sustaining nourishment?

Physical Activity! I do my best thinking, reflecting, resolving, and planning when I am moving. Exercise isn’t an option for me, it is a necessity, and it has nothing to do with muscle building or calorie burning. Moving makes me feel alive. Luckily any variety of movement seems to hit the spot: a lively zumba class, working hard in my yard and garden, a hike, or going for a run. When I am feeling down or frustrated or angry or discouraged….I go through a mental checklist: Have I had enough sleep? Have I been eating well? Have I had enough alone time? Have I spent time in grateful prayer and study? Have I gotten enough exercise? And BOOM. Its usually that I haven’t had enough exercise. I’m sure everyone is different, but for me working up a sweat is the way I work things out.

Shared Experience Interview with Lindsey Maughan

2. What have you recently pruned out of your life that has helped you grow?

Ever since I read Brooke’s analogy of pruning I have thought about this over and over. I’m in a constant state of pruning, because I know that real growth really does happen when we eliminate unnecessary things from our lives.

This year I acquired a new major responsibility that by its time-consuming nature, has forced me to do a lot of unexpected pruning. The first thing to go were the media time wasters that I didn’t need anyway. However, there were some things that I loved doing, that for this season, I have had to prune out of my life. I’ll admit, it is hard for me not to be able to “do it all”, but it has made me simplify my priorities and really focus any spare time I do have on things that I value–like time with my family. I’ve got mad multi-tasking skills–I can double up tasks on just about everything except eating a popsicle and blow- drying my hair, but I’ve learned that I need to focus on quality when it comes to family time.

3. Grace. We can’t do this alone. Who or what helps you make up the difference in what you can’t accomplish all by yourself?

I recently had a personal epiphany about a false belief I had adopted somewhere in my teens. I’ve been running around this life thinking that I am a little too bizarre of a person for anyone to really want to be friends with! I’ve never had many girl friends and have never trusted the sincerity of people who reached out to me, especially if I really admired them.

I’m not sure how this silly idea worked its way out of my brain, but these days I am surrounded by the most amazing variety of friends. They are daily answers to my prayers. I can’t do it all, and when I find myself needing a sounding board or an extra pair of hands a friend always shows up.

The best part of this new found trust in friendship, is that because of their example MY heart is quicker to serve, and THAT is the biggest difference. When I’m helping my friends out, my personal problems don’t get as much of a chance to occupy my thoughts.

Shared Experience Interview with Lindsey Maughan

4. What is your favorite simple luxury that brings you happiness?

A really lovely novel. I treasure charming storytelling. I’m such a child when it comes to my reading material. I love magic, fairy-tales, princesses, and made-up kingdoms. Everyone needs a cruise to the Isle of Imagination when the laundry pile gets too big.

Another simple luxury that I couldn’t live without is music. Music can be such a restart button when I need to be uplifted. Not only does it change my mood, it is my secret weapon to get my kids out of the whinning, fighting, “poor me” mode. If you ever come over to my house and I’m on top of the coffee table busting a move, just know we are working out the crankies.

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lindseysmallbio Lindsey works full-time doing important stuff most people don’t notice, but would truly miss if it went undone. Her greatest accomplishment is being married to her best friend, who still loves her even though she paints furniture and rooms in their house bright vivid colors while he is away on business trips. She has three creative children who come by their quirks naturally. She loves music, dancing, books, gardening, and days when no one complains about what she cooked for dinner. Her perfect day would be going for a hike with her family and coming home to a clean house to eat garden fresh food together.

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  1. I loved reading this! I loved getting to know you, Lindsay, all those years ago in Jackson! You are both amazing women! Love ya!!

  2. Lindsay,I LOVED dancing with you back at BYU. You are a bright and beautiful light. Perhaps one day or paths will cross again. Loved your thoughts, so inspirational and true!

  3. I am one of the lucky people to live right by Lindsey. She makes our entire neighborhood shine 🙂 This was so fun to read!
    I enjoyed the part about pruning. That will be a goal for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

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