Are you getting enough solitude?

I watched a promotional video yesterday from a very popular motivational speaker.

One line caught me off guard,

“There is no such thing as life balance.  The pursuit of life balance is actually causing us more stress than the craving for balance itself”. 

It bothered me all day long.

You see, I like to have life balance.  And I like to pursue it.


Its not some rainbow chasing pursuit.

I have a dream to live in harmony, beautifully blending my roles as wife, mother, friend, teacher, business women etc.

And guess what?   Sometimes it actually happens!

This is what I have come to know:

  • It’s the pursuit of life balance that governs a lot of my choices.  If I didn’t believe it existed, I’d accept chaos and put work first more than I should.
  • It’s the pursuit of life balance that compels me to pause and notice the world around me.
  • It’s the pursuit of life balance that makes me appreciate the moments balance actually occurs.

The myth, I believe is the thought that balance is an arrival state.  That once you have achieved the state of balance it will be constant.  Not so.  Its something that requires constant sacrifice and good choices.  You have to fight to stay there, and most of us spend a good deal of time trying to make it there.

In many ways, I believe life balance can be more a state of mind than actual physical proof of living in perfect order.  You can be in balance and still have the world spinning around you.

The main source of feeling balance in my life comes from my scheduled time of solitude.

Every morning. No exception.  It requires me to get up earlier than everyone else, but the price I pay if I miss it isn’t worth the extra sleep.

I journal in 3 separate journals, read, pray, and plan… Sometimes it feels routine. Other times I make major discoveries. But every time it grounds me for the day and nourishes my heart to be able to give to those in my path.

Sarah Ban Breathnach is right. Solitude in any form is necessary for our emotional survival.

Are you getting yours?

What solitude adventures do you have to share?

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  She’s come to be grateful for the wild and crazy 2 year old in her life for forcing a little balance into the routine.  It would be easy to work while he was awake–if that were actually possible–. Since doing such a deed typically causes major disaster from said little one being unsupervised, it has become universally accepted that there will be no business attention during wake time hours.  At first Brooke was a bit regretful at the loss of extra time.  Now she’s discovering the life lesson in working smarter not harder and soaking up the hours spent playing at the park.  This too shall pass, and when it does it will be missed.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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