Seeing is Part of Creation

The scriptures are replete with invitations to see the signs of God. A new star in the heavens was given as a sign to announce the birth of Jesus. Signs were given of his death and his resurrection. The sign of the rainbow was given as a covenant to Noah that God would not flood the earth again. And we have many signs given to let us know the second coming of the Lord is near. It’s evident that God speaks to us in signs. Some believe and therefore see the signs. Others don’t believe, and miss the signs entirely, holding out for the proof of the event to occur first. They will believe Jesus has come again when they see Him for themself. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Seeing is part of creation!

So I’m always intrigued on how I can develop my eye of faith. When it comes to signs from God, I believe heavens signs are not only reserved for the epic events of world history, they are also abundant in the personal lives of all God’s children. This means God is sending you signs everyday that Heaven is aware of you and loves you and is cheering you on. What would life be like if you recognized those personal signs?

Is it okay with you if I share a bunch of stories of how this looks in my life?

Just this week my husband went on a business trip to Pennsylvania and was gone for a few days. Imagine our delight when I was driving through town with my kids and we noticed we were following a car with Pennsylvania license plates. We all cheered and declared it a sign from Heaven that God was mindful of my husband and us as we were apart from one another. Later that day the same thing happened with a different car. The fact that we live in a small rural Utah town two thousand miles away from Pennsylvania makes this moment even more rare. Pennsylvania license plates are not a common siting around here. But God made sure we noticed and we felt the love in the message.

Suddenly noticing little details and finding deep meaning in it is a common experience for me everyday. Especially with noticing the time on the clock. Every time my kids or I notice a number pattern on the clock we shout it out.


Whoever sees it will shout it out and then we all chant together, “Angels sent us a message!”

I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that I don’t text or receive a text from someone on my team with a time stamp of a number pattern. Especially if it’s 11:11. That’s the number I see everywhere, and every time I notice it I pause and smile and thank heaven for the sign.

I’ll be reading a book and randomly look at the page number and it will say page 111, I’ll be listening to a podcast and glance at the time on the recording and it will say 11:11 has played or that 22.22 seconds remain. I’ve even had transaction totals on purchases total out in number patterns. Just last week I was reading a blog post and the ad that popped up on the blog was for a fitbit that showed the time of 11:11 on the photo. Hours later I followed a link to an instagram story of someone I didn’t know and she was wearing a sweatshirt that said 11:11 on it. It appears everywhere for me. And each time it shows up I receive it as a message from heaven. A sign that angels are near and involved in my life.

Maybe this sheds a little more light on why we chose such a specific price for the Co Create app. You can subscribe for $11.11 cents a month. It’s not only a number I see all the time in my life, but it means something. You can look up the spiritual meaning of any number and its fascinating to learn what it means. It can help give a little more detail to what message you might be receiving. The number 11 means creation. The number 11.11 means spiritual alignment and enlightenment. That certainly represents one of my most important goals in life, and also what we hope for anyone who subscribes to the app.

It’s funny actually, when I was trying to figure out what to charge, I researched the spiritual meaning of so many number combinations. I knew I wanted to charge somewhere between $10-20/month. By the time I looked up the number $14.44 I laughed out loud because the article I was reading literally described this number message saying, “Prosperity isn’t everything.” I kept trying to find a number that was higher, because it would be nice to be more profitable. And even though there are cool meanings behind lots of numbers, it became very clear with the message of that higher number that I was totally missing the point to keep looking. I already knew what the number should be. I needed to pick the number I see all the time, and the number that spiritually means what I hope for people to experience.

Is there a number that you notice a lot? If so, what is it?
If not, I have a feeling you’ll start noticing numbers a whole lot more. Maybe now, when they pop out at you, you can count it as a sign from Heaven that you’re receiving messages and you are seen and known and loved.

Find God in all things. Co Create.

See it.
Say it.
Feel it.
Do it.
Become it.

You are a creator. Now go Co Create something great.

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