Rising Above Challenge [Family Life Project 52]

One of the questions I ask every student of mine in their personal bio is,

“What is your favorite thing to photograph?”

The more specific I have gotten about answering that question the more I have learned about myself. My answer has always been, “Laughter”.

I’m attracted to joy.

I’m attracted to the beauty of the human spirit that shines forth and radiates through the whole body when those lovely moments of release are shared.

But life isn’t always joyful.

In fact, some days are so hard that when Ben arrives home he finds me dazed and bordering on insanity as I prostrate myself across the couch with my hands over my eyes trying to not pay attention to the tipped pictures on the wall, the stuffing from pillows flying around the room, the torn books, the unfinished puzzles with dozens of pieces missing, and the super sonic two year old swinging from the chandelier.  Usually when that is the scene that greets him, he quietly takes Buzzy into another room and whispers, “I’ve got it.”

It’s amazing how 5:00 p.m. hits and a switch happens inside of me that turns off all my capabilities of rising above. My patience is gone. I’m hungry. I’m tired. And everything in life is about twenty thousand times harder than normal.

Today was the third time this week Ben has had that type of homecoming.  He handed me a protein bar and told me to go outside while he restrained the screaming child.

So I did.

I sat in a chair in the backyard staring at our garage while eating my protein bar and slowly feeling life creep back into my body.

And then I remembered I hadn’t taken my Family Life Pictures yet. The daylight was escaping and I was enjoying my solitude. I quietly creeped into the house to steal away my camera and tri-pod and put on some make-up.  Amazing how just the 5 minutes of trying to look pretty helped me start to feel better about my “oh so tragic” life.

The first million pictures I took showed how grumpy I felt.  I don’t like grumpy pictures. I like laughter and joy pictures.

Then it started to rain.

And then I started to laugh.




Technically this week is supposed to be based on the theme “eyes”.  Given life circumstances and the caveat that this is supposed to not stress me out, I made up my own theme :)

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Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  When life is gets especially hard she has a secret stash of imported chocolate.  It only takes one piece carefully enjoyed in an environment of peace and solitude to bring some spark back.  She prides herself on her restraint of only eating one, but secretly her strategy is also with a mind of preservation since she’ll likely need another piece tomorrow.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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