Points to Ponder

I loved these articles recently on iheartphotography and mcpactions blogs.  Though it may seem like I am coming across as discouraging people from starting a photography business by posting these articles, please be assured that I’m not.  I think they bring up such important things to think about if you are interested in starting a photography business or have jumped in and are feeling a little overwhelmed.

6 Steps to Follow Before Starting a Photography Business

Proud To Be a Hobbyist Photographer: Reasons NOT To Go PRO

My two cents:

Photography is for everyone.

Truly.  I think it can change our lives and hearts and be an incredible tool to serve other people.

Photography Business is NOT for everyone.

And when Rachel says in her article “…It’s not as easy as having photography as a hobby. It’s possible that you will not love your photography business as much as you love your photography hobby.” she is exactly right.  I made many of the same mistakes that she talks about in her article.  Would I do things differently?  Yes and no.  Some things you never know or learn unless you try it out.  But her call for preparation and thoughtful planning is spot on to avoiding some of the set backs and emotional stress and havoc a business can run on your life.

Any thoughts you’d like to contribute?

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