Our Story [The Cowboy Dentist]


“Teeth are always in style.” -Dr. Seuss

How many people can say they LOVE going to the dentist?

If not, you must visit Dr. Peery.

I’ve gone to him since I was a little girl, and today was Buzzy’s turn to follow suit.

Dr. Peery is a cowboy.
He wears boots, sings along with the country music station while cleaning your teeth, shows you pictures of his horses, remembers your name and everything about you and practically bursts at the seams with joy when you walk into the room.

If you’re really good, at the end of your visit you get a quarter to ride the motorized pony in his office.

Buzzy was was so eager for his first visit that he insisted on dressing like a cowboy too.


biopic2 Brooke Snow is the Professional Photographer for her own family and an Abundant Life Practitioner. She loves tree swings, the month of October, and early morning walks. She lives with her calm husband and adventurous son in Northern Utah. Join her FREE Photo Perspective Photography course for great instruction on easy ways to immediately improve your photos.

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