Nikon D90 for Sale **UPDATE** SOLD

I’m selling my Nikon D90.  Its a fantastically lovely camera.  Works with all Nikon lenses, has impressive noise control for high ISO shooting compared to lower or older Nikon models, a larger LCD screen that is helpful for double checking exposures and focus, and even shoots HD video!

I purchased it refurbished from BHphoto in August 2010 as a back-up camera, and for some video projects I thought I needed it for but ended up finding an alternate solution.  So really, its been used very little.  Little as in less than 500 shutter clicks and I’ve  only had to charge the battery once.

Makes a stellar  Christmas Gift.

Body Only.

Sale Price:  $675

Add $15 for shipping if not local

Blog readers only: I’ll credit $100 towards tuition for any of my Online classes  with your purchase.

If interested please email me at

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  1. That’s a great camera body. I went with the D5000 and, at times, I wish I would’ve sprung for the D90 for the following reasons.

    Key advantages over D5000/D3000/D3100/D60/D40:
    1. You can use older and therefore cheaper lenses (AF instead of just AF-S)
    2. Little screen on the top by the settings dial, super handy for checking settings NOT displayed in the viewfinder (I’m talking to you Mr. White Balance!)
    3. Tougher camera body. The D90 body is just built tougher/heavier than the cheaper Nikons.

    Downsides… they’re probably going to release a new version of the D90 in the next couple of years but this is true for almost any camera you buy these days. The video functionality is somewhat lacking compared to the Canon’s or even the new D3100.

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