My New Home!

This is an exciting day for me!  Practically anticipated with the same amount of energy and excitement as Christmas morning itself!  Welcome to my new blog, and really, the “New Brooke”!

After literally months of planning, I have a new TOTALLY AWESOME AMAZING WEBSITE that I love so much that it makes me dance around the house in ways that most 7 month expectant mothers shouldn’t be capable of 🙂 Please go check it out!  It’s so beautiful!!!!  My classes now have an official website home as well!  Huge thanks goes to my personal friend and designer, Bodie Brower for his rock’in awesome skills!  We’ve worked together for the last few months on the branding and design of my new site(s) and my business.  He took every detail and request of mine and shot it to the stars in ways that I wasn’t even capable of dreaming up myself!  Hiring a professional designer was the absolute BEST DECISION I could have made for my business.  I consider myself a photographic artist, but even my “good eye” doesn’t transfer deep enough into graphic design.  Its an amazing experience to take your ideas to someone who has the ability to turn them into something you could never do on your own.  Thank you, Bodie!

Thanks to showitsites for their awesome website program.  I’m no longer locked into the world of templated photograpy websites, but able to have something completely customized into my own style, look, and brand.  And… I hold the power of the administrator to edit and change the entire website on my own whenever I want without having to know any CSS or coding.  Simple as the click of a button.  Woot! Woot!

Thank you to all my models!  The new direction I was seeking for my business required in large part extensive portfolio sessions that were designed around my new vision and style.  It has been so much fun to plan, style, and direct each session to the vision that I conceived.  There are a few more model sessions still scheduled or in the que for blogging.  Prepare for some very fun images.

What hasn’t changed:

Although my look may be different, and my vision much more focused, my greatest hope is that this blog can continue to be a welcoming place for all my readers, other photographers, my students, and friends.  My “Magic Monday” posts will continue as before, and I hope that we can all have an uplifting experience together.  Be sure to replace the URL of this new blog in your readers and blogrolls!  Thanks for your continued support!  There’s so much more to come!

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