My 2-year Social Media Fast

I left social media for two years because…

I was jealous!

I was jealous of good people.
I was jealous of faithful people.
I was jealous of people doing really amazing things in the world.
I was jealous of people sharing inspiring content.
I was jealous of people who were being a light!

Some people complain about social media being negative because of what other people post. My feeds were so curated that I only followed inspirational content. But this didn’t matter…

It was still a negative place for me because of the thoughts of comparison in my own head.

I didn’t measure up.

Everyone else was better than me,
doing more than me,
more successful than me,
smarter than me,
more clever,
more beautiful,
more engaging,
more inspired!

I was prideful!

In effort to change my environment to be less comparative, I felt compelled to leave.  I needed to work on my own heart. I need to work on being humble. I needed to remove myself from the trigger social media was for me to compare myself.

Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever compared yourself to those around you?

Have you ever felt the shame of jealousy and not being enough?

Have you ever compared yourself to truly amazing people? Good people? People doing wonderful things, and allowed this comparison to stop you from being amazing too?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll love my podcast, “The Part You Play.”

There’s no way in the world I would have returned to social media if I didn’t figure out how to fix this for myself.

Want to know the remedy? I’m excited to share!

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