Mindfulness Gift Guide

As many of you are planning out holiday gifting this week, I thought I would share my favorite mindfulness tools that I love and use in hopes they can bless your life and spiritual practice as well.
I recently switched to a kneeling bench for my meditation practice and it has changed my life. This bench is so comfortable and pretty and has several different angled positions to suit whatever feels best for you in the moment. It saves my joints, and I find that I can stay in this position for as long as an hour of meditation being quite comfortable and my body doesn’t hurt.
Another amazing tool I love and use. This bench was especially useful for my meditation retreat this past summer when I was meditating 12 hours a day. The backrest has several different positions. I love to use this if I know I’m going to be meditating, and reading and journaling and will be sitting awhile and need different supported positions.
I added a mala necklace to my toolbox this year as a way to practice mantra meditation and it helps the mind stay focused. You hold the necklace in one hand and with your thumb progress from bead to bead repeating a mantra on each inhale and exhale. The 108 beads is a sacred number and I loved it so much I bought one for each of my kids to give them an easy way to stay focused during a mantra meditation. They absolutely love it. It is such a special gift that becomes more meaningful every time you use it. Etsy is a great source to find mala’s and match the stones to what energetic support you need as well. Prices vary according to the quality of beads.
I also bought my kids mala bracelets this year as a short and fast way to meditate or help calm the mind with mantra’s any time they need it. They wear them on their wrist all day and in moments of anxiety can take them off the wrist discreetly and repeat a mantra. This too has become such a special gift that has brought them both a lot of comfort. Etsy is a great source to find mala’s and match the stones to what energetic support you need as well.
I bought this for my 9 year old daughter this past summer and she absolutely loves it. She picks a card each night and I read the card to guide her in a short guided imagery practice. Such a great way to foster kids imagination as well as help them calm down and prepare for a restful sleep.
Such a fun gift for any mystical souls out there. I just completed my six month subscription and it was such a treat! Each month I got to fill out a survey of what type of emotional support I needed and the crystal counsel would send stones that offered the energetic support I needed. The box comes with a scroll and a wax seal that describes each rock and its properties and some free gifts and the beautiful stones as well. My kids loved it when these boxes would arrive and it’s been such a fun way to build up a collection of crystals and learn how to use them.
Oracle decks are a fun and meaningful way to receive inspiration and guidance. I have enjoyed collecting several decks the past few years and this is one of my favorites and a great one to start with. It is all about the spiritual symbolism of water and is filled with beautiful art. Shuffle the cards and use your intuition to pick one to be a support and guide for you that day. My 9 year old daughter loves this too. The messages each card has are such an uplift.
This may seem like a weird tool to list here, but it’s now part of the Snow home meditation rituals. My teen son was struggling with acne and in my research to find all natural support for skin, I learned about Red Light Therapy. Even though this is an investment, I figured it was cheaper longterm than dermatologist visits and expensive creams and medications. He wears the Omnilux Clear mask (for acne) at night for the ten minute timer and meditates with his mala necklace while he does his face mask session. His skin has improved so much that I bought myself the Omnilux Contour mask (anti aging) and made this an evening meditation ritual for myself as well.
This has been my year to deep dive into yoga and I’m amazed at how much I love these blocks. Jessica Carney, our Co Create app Yoga Instructor uses these blocks in several of her flows on the app. I also attend a local yoga studio everyday for in person yoga and the blocks are standard for every class we do there. They are amazing and make so many yoga poses more accessible and also help provide support for your body. I’m a believer now.
I finally upgraded from my cork yoga mat (which was falling apart from using it so much! Hooray for getting use!) and invested in a Lifeforme mat. Oh my goodness. Who knew that a yoga mat could actually make such a difference? This mat is biodegradable and made from natural rubber and has the perfect amount of grip and no slip. I’ve been able to go so much deeper into poses. They’re currently having an amazing 40% off sale. So worth the investment if you are into yoga.
I actually bought a yoga trapeze for myself for Christmas a few years ago, and while my kids think it’s amazing to play in, I haven’t known how to use it…until now! The most recent filming we did for the Co Create app yoga series, Jessica Carney asked if we could incorporate some yoga trapeze because she is a professional trapeze teacher. We filmed a new mini series for the app and I love having some direction on how to use it. To my surprise, Jessica told me how helpful a trapeze can be for individuals with physical limitations because of the support it offers. It feels amazing, and her guidance helps you know how to safely use it.
Did you know you can gift a subscription? Or perhaps you are ready to subscribe yourself? The Co Create app is filled with over 100+ guided meditations, courses, yoga series, podcasts, community challenges, as well as a habit tracker to keep you progressing. At only $11.11 a month it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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