Magic Monday: Validation

I think everyone needs it…

As a subject in front of the lens being photographed, I think its vitally important to be hearing continual feedback from the photographer that things are going well, that they look fabulous, that the pictures are exciting and beautiful.  It immediately helps the subject to relax, feel a bit more comfortable in what can be an awkward and insecure position, and open up trust to the artist at hand.

As a photographer, I equally agree that validation is important.  It is important to me to hear from those I photograph and receive their approval and appreciation of the work, as well as others who wish to comment on how an image moved them.  I have plenty to say on how we can validate both photographers and subjects through kind comments, but I’ll save that for next time.

In the meantime, I think its inspiring how we can literally change the world through the concept of validating those around us.

Check out this inspirational short film.  I promise you a million times over its worth the time 🙂  Now go validate someone!

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  1. Great little film! You take amazing pictures Brooke, and I’m glad my first ever photography class was from you!

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