Magic Monday: The need to create

Make 2010 a year of Creation!

Regardless of who we are, the level of talent we may have, the training we may have, or what is being created, we all have something amazing to contribute and create.  Some have the ability to create a peaceful environment where people feel safe, secure and loved.  Others, may create delicious meals!  Some create beauty through words, music, dance, or visual arts.  Some (like my mom), create breathtaking beauty in nature through gardens, landscapes, and floral design.  Some create friendships that are loyal and uplifting.  The greatest part, is that the extent of our creations is literally endless as is our power to do so and the influence it can have.

Photography is just one aspect of creating.  We have opportunities every day in our life to create.

One of my BLOG’S NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS this year: Is to encourage creativity among my readers.

I’m excited to have Lindsey as a guest author each week writing captivating posts on “creativity”.

Lindsey is not a professional photographer, so many of her posts will not be biased in that direction (like all mine are), which is one of the reasons I’m most excited to have her point of view.  I really believe as a photographer that our inspiration should not be drawn solely from the art of photography itself.  (Thats how we get copycats and trends… how is it creative to do what everyone else is doing? )

But where do we find creative inspiration then?

Hopefully the journey of 2010 on this blog will help you discover your own style, your own creativity, your own ideas, and to have the confidence that they are truly valuable.
I love this video.  Perfect mode of inspiration for a creative year!

P.S.  For those of you reading this in google reader, you likely have to either go directly to my blog, or click here to view the video.  I promise you it will be worth it a million times over!  🙂

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