Magic Monday: My main referral

I’m asked quite often what equipment I recommend.  What is the one thing that is going to turn your pictures into magic?  Is there a brand of camera?  The perfect camera body model?  The perfect lens?

First of all, I’m totally convinced that

#1. People need to learn how to use the camera they have.

I’ve seen SO MANY PEOPLE spend thousands of dollars on the next latest and greatest camera, because they believe it is going to completely upgrade the images they take, when unfortunately there is still a lack of understanding on how to actually use the camera that they currently have.

Understanding how to shoot in manual, how to meter your light, when to use what aperture for what effect, knowing the photographic triangle of ISO-Aperture-Shutter Speed inside out, understanding light and composition…will do more for your images than getting the next upgrade.

#2.  Buy a 50mm lens.

Its the only piece of equipment that I totally push.  I receive no compensation from anyone for telling everyone to buy it.  I just plain love it.  For many reasons.  It’s affordable.  It’s super high quality.  It’s low aperture will open up a world of artistry and possibilities that the regular kit lens just does not nor ever will be capable of.  You can shoot in low light more easily.  It forces you to be creative.  But rather than just take my word for it… I found this lovely article on the 50mm lens today.  Just thought I’d share.

If you don’t have one, put it on your list as an essential item!  You’ll thank me later!

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