Magic Monday: For the Love of Photography

In the Spirit of Valentines, I’ve been saving my ultimate photographer giveaway of the year for this month.

“For the Love of Photography” is meant to be a gift on many levels.

1.  An opportunity for me to pay it forward in the form of teaching others, with full recognition that I am completely indebted to many mentors who have helped me along the way.

2.  An opportunity for one person to learn and experience skills that will help them, in turn, pay it forward to others with improvement in their own photographs for family & friends or for a business.

There is a true magic that happens when I see students begin to understand their cameras, when I see them begin to tap into their own creative ideas completely organic from their own soul, when they realize what they are individually capable of with just a camera, some passion, and their own imagination.  I would be honored to assist someone along that path with the following opportunity:

“For the Love of Photography” includes:

-Weekend private mentor session

(2 hrs. on Friday evening and 2 hrs. on Saturday… one on one in the office discussing what YOU need to learn.  Camera techniques, creativity, editing, or business.)

-Private photography session of yourself! (sat.)

Yep!  You’ll be in front of the camera!  This is good for a number of reasons.  You get to understand what its like for those you photograph, you might learn a few things while I’m directing you, and of course, chances might be that you just might not have very many photos of YOU!  Need a new stellar shot of yourself for your blog or facebook?  An about page? We’ve got you covered!

-Model session of your choice (family, kids, seniors, couples) where we shoot side by side. (sat.)

You can watch how I approach a shoot and direct people, as well as take the reigns yourself and have the opportunity in a non-pressure atmosphere to ask questions and treat the session as a photography lesson experience.  Afterward, we’ll come back and do a quick edit session to a few images and you can see the workflow process of post production.


1.  Session must take place before May 30th, 2010 on a Friday/Saturday combo.

2.  Session must take place in Logan, Utah.  (All you lovely internationals and out of state individuals who have contacted me about private lessons?  This would be perfect for you!  You just find a way to get here and you’re set!) Locals welcome.

3.  To enter, please leave your name and email in the comment section of this post.  Consider this your official “nomination”. (Please do not send an email!  I need to keep everything in one place!)

4.  Deadline to enter is February 22, 2010 at midnight.

5.  Selection details coming soon.

Oh, I’m already so excited!  I’m going to make a new friend!

Happy Valentines Day!

My Valentines Picture for don't get to see the caption though :)

This image was part of my Valentine to Ben... the funny part was that he totally forgot that he was the one that photographed me!

avatarBrooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She is a proud new mother to a perfect baby boy. During the day she uses her BM and MM in Music Composition to write silly songs to make small people smile and laugh. During the nights and select mornings Brooke teaches private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah. During the weekend she dreams up crazy and fun photo shoots for her fabulous subjects. Brooke welcomes comments, questions, new friendships, new clients, and new coats and hats for her growing collection.

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