Magic Monday: Don't Wait…

I’ve come nearly 30 years in my life before experiencing the death of a close family member.  A few hours ago (I’m writing this on Sunday) I found out that my Grandfather passed away today, completely unexpectedly.

Papa lived half a mile from my house growing up.  We’d usually see him once a day in passing as he came to feed his cows nearby, or worked in the alfalfa fields behind our home.  His laugh was contagious, and it was nearly impossible to be around him without joining in with his jovial spirit.  I miss him already.

Papa loved my photography, and would stop by my artists booth each week at the farmers market this summer to make the same comments about the same pictures :)

He approached me last fall about doing his “Senior Pictures”.  (think ‘true senior’ :) ) He really wanted some nice pictures of himself and I remember being anxious to document who my grandfather was.  I wanted to take images with him and his cows, his tractor, with my Grandma, and truly record his interaction with the interests of his life.

I never did it.

Life was busy.

There was always tomorrow.

And now there is no tomorrow.

My deepest regret is I have no recent pictures.   No “senior pictures”, no family pictures,… Buzzy is nearly 1 year old now and we have no pictures of them together.  Papa lived 5 minutes away.  I even saw him fairly regularly.  And I have nothing recent to show of our relationship or our interaction.

Don’t put off documenting those close to you. Family, friends, important people in your life… It doesn’t have to be a professional or technically correct shot.  For when all is said and done, something is better than nothing.

Papa circa 1990s

Me and Papa circa 1996

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She has a very bouncy 1 year old son and a zippy husband.  Date night currently consists of “smoothie and a movie” but that really means, smoothie plus the latest office episode, since 20 minutes is about all they can stay awake for now days.  Life is good.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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