Living a Life Series

“Instructions for living a life:
Pay Attention
Be Astonished
Tell About it”

-Mary Oliver


He was in search of the towel thief. I think he found her. Too bad her getaway car was downstairs.


Buddy has developed an intense interest in geography. Thank you Magic Treehouse books for taking us on adventures all over the world! I got this World Map on Amazon for his room, and I have been delighted in how much he has enjoyed it. It’s so fun to talk about places and be able to instantly reference where they are.

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biopic2 Brooke Snow is the Professional Photographer for her own family and an Abundant Life Practitioner. She loves tree swings, the month of May, and early morning walks. She lives with her calm husband, adventurous son and bouncy baby girl in Northern Utah. Join her FREE Photo Perspective Photography course for great instruction on easy ways to immediately improve your photos.

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  1. oh my heck Brooke! Love the expressions!!! My kids LOVE magic tree house. We have a whole whack of them on CD and I have listened to a LOT of them with them in the van (it’s how we travel instead of movies or iPads) and all my kids love them.

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