The Best Way to Learn Editing

People have often asked me to teach a class on editing and I always refuse.


Because if I’m being honest with myself, I know

1.  I’m only skimming the surface in my own understanding of powerful programs like Photoshop and Lightroom and

2. I’ve been to enough boring editing classes that teach me things I either already know or don’t need.

I’m unfortunately quite short focused when it comes to learning about editing.  I only want to know exactly what I need and I want someone to be quick in telling me exactly how to do it. No long book definitions on how and when to use certain tools, just show me how to get a certain effect right now and let’s move on!

Sweet Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

This is one reason that I absolutely love Sweet Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials. It’s so perfect for my lack of patience and lack of time! You just simply scroll through the Table of Contents for Lightroom or Photoshop of what you need to learn and watch the short clip that shows you exactly how to do it! Most clips are well under ten minutes and you get to watch exactly how it’s done!

With this amazing resource I can even access the exact tutorial I need right in the middle of my editing session so it doesn’t slow me down but integrates what I need –with the picture I need it for–right in the moment!

Hooray for instant gratification!

No need to block out hours of your time or make learning Photoshop or Lightroom an overwhelming task that keeps getting put off.  You can learn as you go at just minutes a video and even access on any mobile device with internet.  It’s convenient!

Finally! A resource that feeds my creativity instead of drains it with overwhelm!

And did I mention how affordable it is?  It’s an absolute steal.  You can thank me later 🙂




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